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Executive Development Programs

Three different journeys to world-changing leadership, designed for distinct milestones in your career

Mobius and Egon Zehnder have co-created this suite of programs to help you make a true paradigm shift. The programs will lead to personal and professional game-change in your mindset and reaching your fullest potential.

Based on highly experiential learning techniques and focused on personal growth and the evolution of personal identity, these three programs share common frameworks but are unique to your current echelon on your development journey.

Marnix Leijten, Managing Partner, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, shares his experience with Mobius' Executive Breakthrough Program.

We offer you three different journeys to world-changing leadership:

Executive Breakthrough Program

Executive Breakthrough is exclusively for serving CEOs and CEO successors

The highly acclaimed, year-long, bespoke transformational development journey for CEOs and successors that develops the executive to become the leader they are meant to be (by invitation only).

Executive Discovery Program

Executive Discovery is exclusively for serving C-suite leaders and high potentials

A nine-month experiential, personalized development program to help aspiring CEOs and C-suite executives realize their potential as next generation leaders (by invitation only).

Voyager Leadership Development Program

Voyager Leadership Development Program is an in-house intensive executive leadership program customized for your organization

A transformational program for individuals, teams and functional groups, adapted to be relevant to the business agenda of each client organization.

Winning from Within®

Putting the Transformers together with the Big Four creates a bridge between our contemporary, action-oriented life and the more introspective teachings of timeless wisdom. It creates an integrated method of ‘practical wisdom’ – a way to apply deeper truths to the choices and interactions we face every day. This more unified way of living and leading brings about outer advancement through inner development, what I’m calling “winning from within.

Erica Ariel Fox Chief Thought Leader, Mobius Executive Leadership and author WINNING FROM WITHIN®

Organizational Change Starts With You

Vas Narasimhan, CEO of Novartis, speaks to James Martin, Partner, Egon Zehnder London, about the impact of the Executive Breakthrough Program and his role as "Chief Dream Officer."

What our participants say

It was an enlightening, emotional, at times heart-wrenching week but I leave with a sense of purpose and positive human power.
The exercises take the theory into practice. It made it click for me. … Life-changing.
An amazing, exciting, exceptional, personally challenging, intriguing experience with a lot of warmth, openness, personal depth.
The gift of time, of support, of shared experiences … that has been the most wonderful catalyst for me personally in growing to be a better, bigger me.