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Executive Discovery Program

Executive Discovery is a bespoke, small group development program for those leaders serving on the Executive Committee, C-suite leaders and high potentials preparing for C-suite roles and other high-caliber positions. Executive Discovery deepens your self-awareness and supports your personal development into a world-changing leader.

Who can I be?

With the stresses of daily life, you rarely stop to reflect upon this question. Yet, as a business leader you are expected to do more, know more and be more – authentic, influential, and adaptive.

The Executive Discovery Program is a nine-month, bespoke and invitation-only program that takes an executive on a transformative experience to explore and deepen your self-awareness, understand your motivations and address the question:  “Who am I and who do I want to become?”

A highly experiential development program, Discovery’s methodology is based on WINNING FROM WITHIN®, Mobius’s seminal framework on personal transformation from the inside out, combined with Egon Zehnder’s Potential Model, a proven assessment tool that gauges and quantifies the long-term likelihood of succeeding in future roles.  Together these frameworks explore your ability to delve deeper, understand the leader you are today, and address your motivations, ambitions, style and purpose to transform your behaviors and mindset to become your best.

The ability to reflect on identity and purpose provides the critical acceleration point for understanding future potential. In Discovery, your perspective grows to encompass your operating environment, supporting your ability to discern how and where you can have even greater – and more sustainable – transformative impact across your organization.

While boards, CEOs and CHROs are successfully seeking out new, high-potential talent, leadership development remains a source of frustration for organizations. This program benefits not only the leader, but your entire organization, as you return more focused and confident, empowered by the discovery of your own professional compass.

The Value of Multicultural Teams in Leadership Development

Michaela Tod, Co-CEO Entertainment at ProSiebenSat.1 SE media company, spoke with Egon Zehnder's Andrew Roscoe about her leadership journey, the value of multicultural teams, and the impact the Executive Discovery Program had on her development as a leader.

The Executive Discovery Program

Egon Zehnder and Mobius Executive Leadership have collaborated to create a personalized program that is structured to deliver against four distinct dimensions:

  • Explores your current mindset, ambitions, passion and purpose, while maintaining an awareness of the impact you have on your environment. You gain a deeper understanding of what has shaped your persona thus far, where you are today, and where you want to be in the future.  Connecting all these facets creates a unique inflection point – uncovering and awakening what makes each of us unique.
  • Shapes a purposeful path towards understanding and owning your authentic gifts and style – bringing out your best self in all interactions. Understanding where you get your energy allows you to further define your true purpose.
  • Supports transformative growth during and beyond the direction of the nine-month program through bespoke exercises designed to bring out personalized insights and breakthrough learnings. Your self-exploration is guided by powerful peer-to-peer interactions and direct feedback from senior faculty experts. Egon Zehnder consultants and Mobius Executive Leadership faculty serve as coaches, mentors and advisors, with a deep commitment to each participant’s success. Many participants find the Intensive to be a turning point in both their personal and professional lives. The interaction with peers at the Intensive sustains participants afterwards too, joining them in a community of like-minded allies, supporting each other further on the journey.
  • Sustains your newly acquired clarity and powers of discernment through day-to-day guidance and practice.

The ‘Hero’ leader is no longer a viable option. Organizations need future leaders to be heroic in transforming themselves in order to transform their organizations. Key to that is being a ‘Human” leader who is empathetic, vulnerable, caring, collaborative and intuitive – while also creating value for shareholders; it’s not either/or, it has to be both.

Jill Ader Senior Advisor and former Chair, Egon Zehnder, Co-founder of Executive Breakthrough Program and Executive Discovery Program

The Discovery Format

Phase I: Pre-Intensive

You begin by going through a deep development-focused leadership process with your Egon Zehnder Development Advisor, including psychometrics and a proprietary benchmark of your capabilities as a transformative leader. Each leader receives a Leadership Development Roadmap, measuring your baseline against your peers.

Phase II: Discovery Intensive

This is a rare opportunity for deep introspection in a reflective retreat environment for four-and-a-half days. Informed by research on adult learning, the program draws on right-brain methods of fostering self-discovery and stimulating the imagination. Activities, led by expert faculty members from Mobius Executive Leadership and Egon Zehnder, include immersive exercises that integrate expressive arts such as poetry, yoga, guided visualization, and symbolic interpretations. The work is designed to help you understand your leadership identity, your root cause motivations and your truest purpose. They will fine tune your understanding of who you are today – and who you can become at your best.

Phase III: Post-Intensive

Following the Intensive and for six additional months, participants work with their Egon Zehnder Development Advisor to hone their personalized Development Roadmap. They learn to embed the knowledge acquired in the Intensive into their daily practice, ensuring steady growth in the face of daily pressures.

Reality has jumped ahead of people’s ability to cope, no less thrive. Leaders need tools for examining how they operate, and methodologies for evolving to new mindsets and behaviors. The ability to ‘lead yourself’ is emerging as today’s new leadership requirement.

Erica Ariel Fox Chief Thought Leader, Mobius Executive Leadership, and Co-founder and Faculty Head, Executive Breakthrough Program, author of WINNING FROM WITHIN®

Program Details

The Executive Discovery Program is unique, confidential, and by invitation only. Designed for Senior Executives who are serving on or aspire to be on the Executive Committee , or in C-suite roles and similar high-caliber positions, participants are chosen and invited through Egon Zehnder and their respective sponsor organizations.

A small global cohort of participants drawn from complementary backgrounds are assembled based on similarities in experience, future potential, and their ability to connect and contribute as a supportive group of peers. Sponsor organizations may send multiple participants to the same session for a rich shared experience.

The Executive Discovery Program takes place over the course of nine months. All venues are scenic, tranquil, and designed to provide beautiful, reflective environments for growth. Global locations and specifics are discussed upon registration.

For more information, please email ExecutiveBreakthrough@egonzehnder.com.

Our Participants' Views: Their Experiences on Executive Discovery

Having this experience within a group of senior executives with the careful guidance of Egon Zehnder and Mobius went beyond my best expectations. I learned some very important deep issues about myself, and I built rapport with each person in the group. It has been very powerful, insightful, and inspiring.
I could finally feel and see with clarity the emotional freeze that has hampered my life for a very long time.
Very intensive and transformational experience in a totally safe environment.
I learned more in one week at the Intensive than in 40 years.