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Our Methodology

Unique partnership. Complementary frameworks. Transformative programs.

Managing requires that you negotiate effectively with other people. Leading demands that you negotiate successfully with yourself.

We believe that organizational change can’t be separated from individual change. Change efforts falter because individuals overlook the importance of making fundamental shifts in their own belief systems. To keep pace with the change around them, leaders need to identify their own inner compass – and learn how to bring forward their unique style, gifts and presence so that they can be their best self.

Our programs focus on the process of self-discovery, self-development and self-realization. We hope to unleash the leadership capabilities that accelerate executives’ ability to thrive – both individually and across their organizations.

The programs share a common framework, a highly experiential Intensive built around the New York Times best-selling leadership book, WINNING FROM WITHIN: A BREAKTHROUGH METHOD FOR LEADING, LIVING AND LASTING CHANGE®, authored by Mobius’s Chief Thought Leader, Erica Ariel Fox, which synthesizes her 20 years of research conducted at Harvard Law School and her leadership advisory to senior executives worldwide. Considered a seminal work in leadership and executive development, the WINNING FROM WITHIN® approach targets the blind spots found in even the most senior of leaders. Guided by expert faculty, the Intensive explores the root causes of each leader’s most critical “Performance Gap,” the disconnect between one’s optimized skills and behaviors and one’s actual behavior in a given situation or challenging moment. Leaders learn who they are when they are operating at their best, versus their “everyday” self, and how to close that gap.

The WINNING FROM WITHIN® approach correlates with Egon Zehnder’s proprietary Potential model, a proven assessment tool that gauges and quantifies the long-term leadership trajectory probability for leaders to succeed in future roles.

Both WINNING FROM WITHIN® and the Potential Model are used to assess where the leader is today, who they can become and also to help them discover how they can become their best.

We believe that it is hard to guide and lead anyone to places in themselves that you have not been able to journey and unlock in yourself. These Programs ask leaders to do the hard but vital work of looking candidly at their own life's journey and taking inventory of what strengths have formed and what habits are ready to dissolve to allow for a higher, freer and more inspiring expression of their full potential.  It is an alchemical process that is quite moving to witness and often profoundly impactful for the leader and the organizations they serve.

Amy Elizabeth Fox Chief Executive Officer, Mobius Executive Leadership

The Winning From Within® Method is a proven process for getting out of your own way, in order to lead and live from your highest potential. This groundbreaking process teaches business leaders and others to develop the capabilities to execute high performance by drawing on a range of mindsets:

  • The Practical
  • The Analytical
  • The Relational
  • The Inspirational
  • The Essential

Most professionals lose precious time every day fighting with different sides of themselves—what the Winning From Within® Method refers to as your “inner negotiators.”

The Winning From Within® Method shows how to successfully navigate these internal negotiations in order to harness the best of who you are every day: at work, at home, and in the communities where you live.

Winning From Within® is based on its author's nearly twenty years of experience teaching negotiation at Harvard Law School and that same time spent training professionals around the world and providing strategic counseling and conflict mediation to top teams.

The Big Four represent your capacity to dream about the future, to analyze and solve problems, to build relationships with people and to take effective action.

Erica Ariel Fox Chief Thought Leader, Mobius Executive Leadership and author WINNING FROM WITHIN®

The Big Four

The Thinker

The Dreamer

The Warrior

The Lover

The Transformers

The Lookout

The Captain

The Voyager

Experience the Winning From Within® method from the pre-eminent leadership advisory and the premier leadership development and transformation experts.

Our programs are uniquely designed to create a transformational experience: a place and time where you can meet yourself fully, assisted by a world-class faculty and a group of senior peers, to release the patterns that hold you back and unleash your full power and presence.

About the book

With advice relevant to every conversation that matters, personally and professionally, Winning from Within® shares anecdotes, business examples and public exemplars that help readers to better understand where they get stuck and how to close their performance gap for greater results in business and in life.