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Transforming a new generation of truly great leaders

Egon Zehnder + Mobius Executive Leadership bring together two unique and innovative partners - with a shared commitment to building a better world through great leadership

What distinguishes a great leader today is different from what defined the leader revered in the past. Collaborating has replaced commanding. Leaders in this age of disruption and increased complexity must be more innovative, purposeful, and courageous – more self-aware and more influential – than ever before.

We understand that leaders must transform themselves before they can ignite the change needed in their organizations. Together, we aim to develop a new type of leader – through our shared commitment to enabling every leader to become their best self, to become the leader they are meant to be.

Working as a team, Egon Zehnder and Mobius Executive Leadership bring complementary skills and extensive global expertise working with senior leaders to deliver transformative results. We have created highly experiential development programs to take the leader on a journey of discovery, reflection and growth – to uncover and unleash a leader’s possibilities for greatness.

Organizational change is inseparable from individual change – leaders must transform themselves in order to ignite the organizations they lead.

Established and potential senior leaders must understand how to maximize their whole selves – or risk holding their organizations back.

Self-discovery, self-development and self-realization unlock leadership capabilities that organizations need to succeed now and in the future.

We believe in what great leaders can do.

About Egon Zehnder

Egon Zehnder is the world’s leadership advisory firm, sharing one goal: to transform people, organizations and the world through great leadership.

We know what great leaders can do and are passionate about delivering the best leadership solutions for our clients.

As One Firm, our more than 450 Consultants in 68 offices and 40 countries bring our individual strengths to form one powerful collaborative team.

We partner closely with public and private corporations, family-owned enterprises, and nonprofit and government agencies to provide Board advisory services, CEO search and succession, executive search, executive assessment, leadership and team development and organizational transformation.

We share a commitment and pride in doing work that contributes to successful careers, stronger companies and a better world.

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We are a premier coaching, training and leadership development Firm

About Mobius Executive Leadership

Mobius Executive Leadership is a premier leadership firm dedicated to transformational leadership development and sustainable organizational culture change.

Mobius’ core services include top team alignment and integration, executive coaching, customized leadership development programs, skills-based training, and long-term support for organizational change.

Mobius’s expert faculty combines more than a decade of success in transforming leaders from the inside out, through a deeply insightful and compassionate approach to personal and collective change.

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