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Yotam Schachter

Yotam Schachter

Yotam Schachter is a leadership coach, content development manager, and core transformational faculty member for Winning from Within. As a content expert and educator, Yotam helps Winning from Within Founder Erica Ariel Fox bring her ideas to the world, shaping the way leaders understand themselves and their most important decisions. As a coach, he helps clients align their minds, hearts, and bodies around leadership qualities that will bring them success.

Prior to his current work, Yotam consulted with Dialogos International, surfacing insights about company cultures to support change and break deleterious cycles. Yotam previously worked at McMaster-Carr Supply Company, improving operational efficiency and customer experience, and at Ruane, Cunniff and Goldfarb's Acacia hedge fund, analyzing the leadership of firms considered for long-term investment. He holds a bachelors in Math from the University of Chicago.

Coming from a family of Hassidic Rabbis, Yotam has been steeped in Jewish wisdom on leadership and personal mastery his whole life. In many different contexts, Yotam has spent years studying the development and transformation of living systems – from physiological transformation in myofascial bodywork, to companies striving to improve retention, to the evolution of Jewish practices over the millennia. His present work integrates his training in business, mathematics, philosophy, listening and dialog, human physiology, and several contemplative modalities.

Originally from Boulder, Colorado, Yotam now lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with his wife and son. He practices yoga and somatic meditation, spends quality time with his miniature poodle, and reads about pop culture, politics, and artificial intelligence.