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Paul Zonneveld

Paul Zonneveld

Paul Zonneveld is a Mobius executive leadership coach and facilitator of culture integration, with over 25 years of international business experience. He has unique expertise in understanding systems, enabling him to offer insight into managing change for people leading large companies, find themselves in complex situations, or those going through a transformation. As part of the Winning From Within core faculty, Paul leads plenary sessions, coaches leaders one-on-one, and leads small group sessions throughout residential programs.

Paul focuses on helping professionals and leaders to connect with their internal leadership qualities such as self-awareness, self-management, courage and balance and to evoke these in others around them. He also teaches system sensibility, system awareness and effectiveness, to enable leaders to work with the deeper dynamics driving their businesses.

In addition to his work at Mobius, Paul is the program director and leading trainer for systemic coaching, organizational complexity and constellation work at various training institutes. He developed and leads the program on “understanding the systemic dynamics in organizations and creating organizational flow.” Paul is also a member of Dutch association of organizational experts & advisors and an internationally certified trainer. He actively supports the Muses foundation, helping young adults creating a more sustainable world through social and development aid in ‘third world’ regions.

Paul began his corporate career at Kimberly-Clark, serving as a member of Health Care Europe’s management team. As European manager business to business working with Europe’s leading medical companies. As European manager for Learning and Development, he built training and development programs for the European team and executive leadership development for the top 20 leaders.

He is married to Anita, and together they have a son and a daughter. They live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.