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Kirstan Marnane

Kirstan Marnane

Kirstan is a senior member of the Winning From Within transformational faculty at Mobius and a global citizen. She is American, British and Italian, was born in France and lives in London.  As a leadership coach and consultant, she works with CEOs and their teams, as well as senior leaders across organizations, to reach their full potential as leaders and drive strategic change.

As a coach, Kirstan harnesses her experience to help leaders identify how to use their strengths to tackle tough issues, define their vision, and stay energized and on track to getting where they want to go. She knows the power of organizational communication and works with her clients to develop communication plans linked tightly to their business objectives. She pioneered ‘storytelling’ as a strategic communication device for her clients, helping leaders create compelling, iterative narratives to capture their purpose and align it to their business strategy.

She is has led 100s of top team and leadership programs aimed at helping leaders drive change as they grow and change themselves, using techniques to sustain their energy and realistic optimism. She combines ‘heart and head’ in her work – recognizing the importance of moving out of our more rational, fault-finding, critiquing heads into the more adaptive, creative and supportive frame of mind required to lead change.

Previously, Kirstan worked at McKinsey & Company for 16 years, where she remains a Senior Advisor. She designed and leads McKinsey’s flagship Remarkable Women Program for a highly selective group of senior women leaders across the world, and their Executive Transitions Masterclasses. She is faculty for Meyler Campbell’s executive coaching program in the UK and a founding member of the Institute of Coaching professional association affiliated with Harvard Medical School where she currently works with Dr. Carol Kauffman. She has a Masters from Boston University and a BA from Smith College. Kirstan has lived in China, Italy, Germany and France.