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Charlotte Thornton

Charlotte Thornton

Charlotte Thornton is a Mobius Senior Personal Mastery Coach and a core member of the Winning From Within senior faculty. She has collaborated with Erica Ariel Fox in residential leadership programs for over a decade, starting at the Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative at Harvard Law School. Charlotte has unique expertise in working with senior clients in one-on-one coaching settings, enabling them to engage with the most important topics in their leadership and in their lives. She has an extraordinary track record of assisting clients to reach life-changing insights, even over the course of just one session.

For over 20 years, Charlotte has researched and practiced a range of transformational methodologies, including intensive study of diverse modalities rooted in meditation, psychology, neuroscience, and leadership development. In her practice today she draws on a unique ability to attune with the nervous system of her clients, gently fostering a shift from a state of stress or confusion to the experience of calm and clarity. Charlotte has a remarkable ability to help people evolve from limiting-mindsets of the past to a new, forward-looking perspective.

In her coaching, Charlotte supports people to get out of their own way, getting quickly to a core truth hidden beneath a lot of distraction. She enables people to tap into their inner resources, from courage to compassion. In turn, she helps clients discover answers to dilemmas that weigh on them, enabling concrete problem-solving and resolution for their business or personal life questions.

Charlotte was born in and grew up in Sweden, where her love of nature originates. She currently resides in New York City with her husband, Mark.